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Sonntag’s Ghost

The following article was just published this morning:,0,5032601.story

Before you click on it, know that there is immediately a soldier posing over a dead body.

The article is interesting because it appears that the U.S. Army now has a protocol to deal with this kind of press. The photos number in 18 and were given to the LA Times by a soldier involved. According to NPR News this morning on the News Hour 5 minute thing they do, the soldier wanted to show the break-down in leadership overseas.

What is most notable to me is that these photos, of which the LA Times have elected to only publish two of, are of Iraqi soldiers that are already dead. The soldiers posing with the bodies have been sent out on missions to find the bodies and ID them. This is much different than what is happening with the photos in the Sonntag article – the ones involving torture.

What is even more surprising is the following quote from this news story:
“It is a violation of Army standards to pose with corpses for photographs outside of officially sanctioned purposes,” said George Wright, an Army spokesman.

I wonder what Sonntag would have to say about this incident, were she alive today? It is so eerily similar, yet so incredibly different. Is this the move of a group of soldiers tired of their continual deployment, just trying to shake things up? They must know about the photos at Abu-Ghraib… right? They know… right? Or are these another bunch of teenagers bored, and without considerations about their frolicking activities in the desert with dead bodies and a camera?

And with that – I will leave you all to get back to work.