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About ValerieVisual

My name is Valerie Robin. I am a third year PhD student at Georgia State University, and the intern for Hybrid Pedagogy. I love it. I just finished my coursework and am shooting straight into my comprehensive exams (excited!). During my Modern Rhetorical Theory course, I honed down my interests to three areas: Visual Rhetoric, Digital Rhetoric and Material Theories – lots of room for New Media AND Comics in there. I’m particularly interested in multimodal compositions, particularly video compositions, and remix theories. But as I read – all that will narrow too, I’m certain.

This blog used to be a part of the English 8900 Special Topics course Visual Rhetorics at Georgia State University in Spring semester 2012, but it has kind of morphed into a more professional studies blog. For a  minute, I was using it during the MOOCMOOC, which Hybrid Pedagogy put on, and then it turned into a course-based blog for another Special Topics course called Computers and Writing, and then it became a course blog for Modern and Contemporary Rhetorical Theory for Ashley Holmes, which is why many of the entries are labeled as 8150. In it’s most current installment, this blog is a response to my various comps readings – mostly to keep my own head in order, but also to force myself to continue writing for a public audience and asking for the feedback of other scholars.

I hope you enjoy something. I’m attempting to keep it organized, but it could really go in any direction.



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