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Getting in Good with God – TvsZ3 Safezone 2.

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The trees were a wonderful place to hide out and recharge from that last zombie entanglement. I almost got my leg bitten clean off. Thank God I spent all that time training in back alleys of Decatur, Georgia.

Alas, the trees are overrun and we humans are being scattered to the four corners of the globe. Funny, since I wasn’t aware that globes had corners.

I run as fast as I can, by attack chicken on my shoulder for safety. My chicken sure does love pecking some zombie heads.

And I come across this HUGE church.

Who knew it'd be a Methodist church?

Who knew it’d be a Methodist church?

I approach with caution. Everything we do these days requires caution. The news programming stopped over an hour ago and everything is quiet. I’m betting that old abandoned house me, @joeylunchbox and @profnwalker stayed in doesn’t have any sputtering electricity left in it at all.

Thankfully, the church appears to be cleared, except for one zombie under a pew. The zombie has no legs and my chicken kills it easily.

I hold the door open for others to run in.

@caty_posch makes it by a small margin.

and @joeylunchbox and @profnwalker sneak in too.

And here come @bekah_Hogue and @writingasjoe in their flying car!

It’s a party once again.

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