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I’m VERY excited for 2 specific reasons:

1. I am taking my very last course… ever. Next are my comprehensive exams, and then on to my dissertation.

2. That last course I’m taking happens to be Modern and Contemporary Rhetorical Theory with Ashley Holmes, our brand new professor at Georgia State. I’ve been wanting more, denser, theory for a while and now I get it. We get to read folks like Perleman, Habermas, Foucault, and Baudrillard, just to name the big big ones. And Burke, but I’ve had enough Burke to last me the rest of my theoretical life.

Therefore – this blog is about to become very theory heavy, which I happen to be quite comfortable with. I hope you enjoy it too. Also – I will still be posting a bunch of pedagogical maneuvers I undertake to stab in the dark at, and I will be posting those too. So anytime I post for the theory course (once a week), I will put an 8150 in the title so you know it’s about to get really deep in here.

Thankfully, I like to think I’m a pretty accessible writer, so that should stay the same.


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