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In Research Methods course, we spent a long time talking about archival materials. Dr. Gaillet even came in last week to tell us some great stories and give us more tips. She said, “the time has arrived” for archives. They’re getting their time in the “sun,” apparently.

And this weekend, at THATCampHP, there was a lot of talk about Digital Humanities, where the question “What is a Digital Humanist” came up, more than once. Lately, ‘Archive’ is the buzzword in the DH. It’s getting  a lot of attention.

One thing all parties can agree on is the fact that television, books, news, mass media in general, tends to romanticize archives. Everyone is Indiana Jones. All archival searches are great finds in a box. Old stuff is just waiting for us in attics. Hooray!!!

Of course, most of us know this isn’t the case, but I am using this post to point your attention toward… wait for it…

The Vampire Diaries.

Season 2 Episode 3 (2010).

Behold, books from 1864 about occult and folklore.

Screen-shot from Netflix.

I ask you… what kind of scholar (and these are sitting in a professor’s office who is presumed missing) would do this??



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