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For Your Consideration – Environment Matters


This morning I heard this story on NPR – A Lively Mind: Your Brain on Jane Austin – it’s only 4min36sec

The study finds some interesting things about how we read. I am wondering if the findings would be different if the participants were reading from an actual book with pages, versus a computer screen (like on a PDF or something).

I am also wondering if our brains act this way when we are writing, and if there is a neurological difference in our brain’s participation rate if we write on a computer, versus on a piece of paper.

If anyone has heard whether these studies have been done (as I’m sure people are studying typing versus hand-writing), it would be interesting to know – and also know what you think about these kinds of studies.



3 thoughts on “For Your Consideration – Environment Matters

  1. I actually heard this same segment, so I was excited to see you write about it here. Interestingly enough, I also attended a session at my college’s faculty development day today on the problems (predominantly inability to deconstruct complex texts and perform on standardized tests) with readers who consume the majority of their textual information through blogs, wikis, digital spaces. It was quite a jarring discussion, considering my level of immersion in digital composition at the moment. I’ve emailed the presenter to request her PPT, which I’d like to share with the class. Stay tuned for more discussion on this…

  2. I need to catch up, listening to this included, but check out Cathy Davidson’s work on attention for starters

  3. Thanks for the tip, Mary. I bought her book on attention and it’s 1st runner up for my next read. Right behind Howard Rheingold’s Netsmart. So MANY good books coming out in the last couple of years!

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