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A Biological Approach to Digital Writing

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Over the summer, I’ve been spending a bunch of my free time working with Pete Rorabaugh on some New Media Literacy Learning.  I have to admit, I’ve learned more this summer than I ever thought. We talk about using twitter in the classroom, social media and its affect(s) on our lives, and blogging – like what we’re doing in this Computers and Composition course.

So –
In the spirit of scholarship and media, I’m posting an article that many of you may find interesting, in case you need something else to do this weekend besides Dragon Con, Decatur Book Festival, and the first GSU Football Game of the Season.

Organic Writing and Digital Media


One thought on “A Biological Approach to Digital Writing

  1. Great article on organic writing, Valerie! Thanks for sharing. I am an advocate of the “guts first” school of writing, and I thought Rorabaugh’s organ metaphor was especially effective in explaining the roles each of the modes has in making up the “whole” body-essay. I would also love to learn more about how to use social media effectively in classes. While I am a proficient user personally, I have not yet taken the leap to incorporate those tools into class activities. Look forward to learning more!

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