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Computers and Composition Greetings

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Hello, my fellow composition comrades!

I’m excited to go back to course blogging – theorizing – and comparing ideas about mutual readings with like-minded people. Though if you read back in this blog, just a little, you’ll see I used it for a Massive Open Online Course about Massive Open Online Courses (or MOOCMOOC) for a few entries. That was a lot of fun, and actually quite relevant to this Computers and Composition Course. Especially my entry called Collaboration and Group 6 Love at #moocmooc

But now that the MOOC is over, I shall return to this regularly scheduled blog response – and I will likely continue puzzling out things I read and think about well after this class is over too.

Now that we have established that – I would like to address my thoughts and goals for the course:

I am interested in exploring the Redefining/Remixing of the Canon – most specifically, the ways in which our currently growing-changing digital culture is affecting the way we invent and arrange. I see the lines of the canon as increasingly blurred as we composition theorists continue to discuss the implications of out digital practices on the processes of language, thinking and writing. Then, I would like to pair these ideas with multi-modal composition which may lead me into looking at some social media writing, and other topics. Of course this is preliminary, so… it could go anywhere.

In another course, I’ll be looking toward Bush’s ideas about early hypertext, and maybe a little Marshall McCluhan?? We’ll see about that. That’s another course, though.

So hello – and I’m happy to be here in this course with all of you, and learn about ideas and perspectives all of you bring to the table.



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