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Learning From Experience(s) @ MOOCMOOC Mass-ignment 3


Let’s face it: Some of us are turning into MOOCMOOC junkies. Whether that means we love doing it, are really hating doing it but can’t stop, or some variation thereof… there are those of us who are spending more time MOOCing than a 14 year old girl spends on facebook.

For me, much of my learning happens when I reflect on the readings I’ve done, and the applications I’ve attempted. For example, last night, I had to figure out how to use Microsoft Movie Maker really fast, since all of my other equipment failed me. And now I know how to teach someone else in a classroom. Today, I’m reflecting on what I learned, and a lot of it is about backups and sharing – the theory will come later, after more reflection.
Since today’s MOOCMOOC assignment is about participant pedagogy, I am taking it upon myself to open up an activity that promotes mid-term self-reflection. And it’s up to you whether you want to participate, or not. In one of our readings today from Hybrid Pedagogy, “Rheingold writes, ‘Participation is deliberate’ (145), which suggests that learning doesn’t happen when students merely follow the instructions of teachers, but only through mindful reflection about their own learning processes. ” I agree with this completely.

Below I am attaching a video I made this morning in a pinch. It has some rather specific instructions, which is sort of unlike what Jesse does with open directions, but I’m kind of old school like that, so I ask you to humor me.

Feel free to make a video, or a photograph in order to complete my Reflection assignment.

Then — tweet your photo or video link to #moocmooc & @vrobin1000 — so everyone can see it – AND please leave your link in the comments section below.

I will storify all the links you tweet me, or comment to me, and I’ll post another blog tonight with the storify link – Please get these to me by 10PM EST, so I can storify and sleep!

“If we do this right, I’ll learn more about facilitating others to self-organize learning.” – Rheingold Blog

Happy Building!


7 thoughts on “Learning From Experience(s) @ MOOCMOOC Mass-ignment 3

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  2. Here’s mine, “A MOOC is a Mirror”:

    A MOOC is a Mirror

  3. And here is mine, Valerie: I guess that’s a bit hard to read – here’s another just in case:

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  5. Hm, I still want to do a photo of something from my house. I will do a proper photo when I get back to the house tonight!

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