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Term Paper Brainstorm


The following post is mostly just a bunch of photos.

Today I went to the (freakishly empty) library and took advantage of the whiteboard and this is what happened:

I’m basically going to zoom in and show you the bits that make up this whole.

This is the outline I ultimately came up with.

The outline really came out well – and I think I’m rounding up to start writing this paper. I highly recommend posting up in a study room this break, if you’re going to be around.

I’ll finish up with a close-up on the the outline, which I eventually wrote into a draft that was useable and referencable later.


4 thoughts on “Term Paper Brainstorm

  1. Evernote ( will do good-quality OCR (optical character recognition) on text in images. All of this could be searchable….

  2. That sounds seriously cool. Hopefully we’ll be looking at evernote soon.

  3. I really like this. I need physical representations or maps when I design research papers. Most of the time I use a numbered outline, but I might try this approach.

    Good luck in all your work.


  4. Wow. This is impressive. I do this a lot when I’m trying to write papers… but I stick to 8×11 sheets of papers. Moving to a white board would take it to a WHOLE new level. I need to try this!

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