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Laboratory Response – Building a Blog

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I’m pretty excited we all voted to create this blog as part of our course, especially since this is a visually themed class. I also much prefer the blogging format over any kind of discussion forum available to us on a content management system such as ULearn.

Our first Thursday lab, the one we were all in a couple of days ago, was informative and kind of fun. Let’s face it, Tim is funny. I had not every operated wordpress before, so I found the introduction helpful. It will be interesting to see what each of us does with our blog in terms of format, look, and content (what else is there, really?). I also look forward to a small forum where we can play with labels, tags, and comments, something that I don’t have a lot of experience with.

Visually, I plan to try new things as much as possible. I have not decided on the ultimate look for my blog as of now. The theme I have up as I compose this post is the one Tim had up in class. I found that if I used the same one he was using, it was easier for me to follow exactly what he was doing. Once I get the hang of all of this, I plan on creating a look that suits me, while including several context appropriate images to go with the blog. Other than that, I plan on going with the flow, to be cliche, and seeing where this blog response business takes us.

I am excited to get this all started, and to see what all of you are coming up with.



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